In the Mind collection of facilities, the Sensory Spa Jets eases you into a totally sublime mood with its different water pressures, choreographed together with ambient lighting. You can then relax in the Steam Room before cooling down in the Ice Therapy Corner. The shaved ice cleans the pores of your skin, reduces wrinkles and boosts skin radiance, leaving you totally refreshed. Last, head to the innovative Himalayan Salt Room made of salt bricks obtained from a mineral mine 800 metres below the sea, where the evaporated minerals with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties allows your body to rest and recharge, relieves ailments and allergies and improves your skin.

Relax in the Himalayan Salt Room
Cleanse and rejuvenate yourself at the Ice Therapy Corner
Indulge your senses with the Sensory Spa Jets
Luxuriate in the Steam Room
Engage a personal masseur and relax at the Hillside Spa